Azienda Agricola Biologica Orciaverde
di Simone Governi
Loc. Montenero d'Orcia
58033 Castel del Piano (GR)

Ph. and fax +39.0564.954112
Simone Cell: 3471072895
Emanuela Cell: 3282060957


Organic spelt Orciaverde (triticum dicoccum)

Organic spelt Spelt is a herbaceous plant of the grass family cultivated for thousands of years in the Mediterranean basin and is the oldest corn among those received until today.

Spelt has been rediscovered today for its excellent dietary properties, because it is rich in protein, minerals (iron, phosphorus, calcium), vitamins A-B-C-E and is highly digestible.

Orciaverde, who has always cultivated for family use, now prepares it to sell directly.